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Include full link text when previwing with spacebar


It is handy to be able to use the spacebar to look at the content on your cilpboard to make sure it is what you were looking for. For links in particular, they can easily get cut-off in the default view. And, pushing spacebar sometimes helps if the URL resolves to a public URL that can generate a preview. But, for many URLs (ex. link to a private repository on github), no such preview can be generated. And, as of now, Paste falls back to rendering a generic preview that both doesn’t show the content (understandably for content it can’t access) and doesn’t show the full URL. Here is an example for a link to a private github repository:

a year ago

I noticed this behavior is also a problem when you have something that includes both links as well as additional text. As an example, imagine this in on my clipboard: - This is is a repository for Rails - This is is a repository for Django

The preview for this is shown in the picture. Because the first thing in the text is a link, there is seemingly nothing one can do to “see” all the content that is contained in this entry.

10 months ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
2 months ago