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Paste Stack Mode


I think I am in love with paste stack.

1.please create a mode where paste stack is always showing even when you empty the stack. 2. make it somewhat transparent.

  1. changing the order of the elements is not working for me.

  2. some resizing or control of how it looks will be nice

Great app you got there.

a year ago

Great suggestion ! Would be great to add also the option to paste without format (which is not working for me with the paste Stack).

a year ago

Please allow option of “paste without formatting” from Paste Stack.
I would use this option frequently
My testing suggests that Shirt/⌘/V performed when Paste Stack is active pulls from the normal Paste history not from the Active Paste Stack

a year ago
Changed the status to
Under review
a year ago

I was looking for an app that would always show me what is on the clipboard so I always know what I am about to paste. This might function in that way. Or you could create a second option, separate from the paste stack window altogether that allows you to keep a window open (on top of all other windows) that always sits there showing you what’s in the clipboard. Also, have it resizeable so you can have it in a convenient location and size on the screen. (ie. not jumping around in size depending on if you have text or different size images.)

8 months ago

Really wish we wouldn’t loose the contents of the paste stack when pressing the paste stack shortcut a second time. If it would only hide/show the stack would be great and a button to clear the stack (manually) would prevent accidents. A drag-and-drop reorganize of the stack is also a must. A way to paste ALL the content of the stack at once and not only item by item would also be great. Please add the option to paste item and insert linebreak automatically. Oh, and being able to paste without formatting please.

23 days ago