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Rule based pinboards


It would be a nice feature to have rule based pinboards. Some standard stuff for the beginning like raw texts, images, links etc. Then maybe some more detailed stuff like color codes, RegEx.

Example: designers copy and paste color codes daily many times. For such workflow, Paste could automatically copy the color codes inside a pinboard of choice. Or links from a specific website. Or images. Or RegEx based ruling. Possibilities are countless if such rule-based algorithm could be implemented. I’m not sure about the technical difficulties or required effort.

I already love the Paste the way it is because it works seamlessly in my iOS/MacOS workflow. But rules could make my workflow even more seamless by getting rid of the hassle of categorising manually. Yes, there is a search function which I use pretty much all the time but sometimes I see something that I just to save to a pinboard just by copying or do not forget something I copied in my iPhone for future references. Color codes are an example of this.

a year ago

I too would find this very helpful. Just simple things like object type (including Google Smart Chip) would be a great start

a year ago

Yes, would absolutely love media type and app-based (where it was copied from) filters.

a year ago

Another rule based pinboard could be URLs. If I copy a YouTube video – add it to my YouTube pinboard. If I copy an affiliate link from – add it to my affiliate links pinboard. Yes please this would be an AMAZING features!!

9 months ago

I came here to advocate for this!

Copied - my all-time favorite clipboard app, which has stopped development and taken their iOS app down - had app based, media based, RegEx, and Host Name clipboard rule functions, and I loved it for this.

Having your clippings auto-catagorize is such a helpful feature when you use the app constantly.

Now that I primarily use Paste - I miss these rule features very much!

Please strongly consider adding them!! 🙏

I’ve attached a screenshot from Copied’s MacOS app - now abandonware, to show part of what this looked like.

2 months ago