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Windows version

Hi team, I have moved from Mac to Windows and find out that there are many clipboard managers but nothing even close to quality of your product.
Any chance that Windows version will be released some day?
Would happily pay for a such product.

a year ago

Yes! I need this on Windows. I have a personal Mac + iPhone and love this program but use Windows at work.

a year ago

YES YES YES! I got into a new job where I went back to Windows, and I am missing Paste! Would happily pay for it too.

10 months ago

If there are multiple platform devices. Not being able to share the pasteboard would be inconvenient.

10 months ago

Would probably pay for it for life if this was an option!

9 months ago

I need this!

7 months ago

I’m the only mac user in the company and my colleagues envy this app. They always ask if there is a version for Windows because it is really amazing.
I recently switched to Windows because I can’t afford a Macbook, but the company lent me a Windows laptop and I miss Paste.
Yes, there are some alternatives for Windows, but like Windows itself, they are very poorly made.

3 months ago

Currently, it is entirely impossible to copy and paste content on webpages or Windows devices. Subscription verification could be done via email and password, and then managed through webpages on non-Apple channels. I use paste to record and copy, and this experience is fantastic, but my work inevitably requires the use of Windows and other devices

a month ago

Yeah, I would easily pay 10x price if I had it on Windows. I will be transitioning to Windows pretty soon, and I’m gonna miss Paste so much I am actually considering to take some vacation time from my work to code it myself for my own personal use. The only thing stopping me is that I don’t wanna be that guy in office who doesn’t share. A lot of windows users are jelaous of this app…

a month ago

I would live to see this too - even if it is not with full functionality. But only the “history” and the transfer to other devices is such a time saver.
Would be very much appreciated such a possibility!

20 days ago